Perch: Industrial Design & Manufacturing Practice

Fall 2016

Human-centered design project with the goal of manufacturing and selling 50 units at the Integrated Design and Management Holiday Sales Gala. Our process included identifying user needs, generating concepts, building looks-like and works-like prototypes, selecting materials, manufacturing 80 units (using machine shop tools including table saw, CNC, waterjet, metal brake), and developing a sales and marketing plan. Highest gross profit in the Integrated Design and Management program. Team included Ben Coble, Maria Tafur, and Sara Remsen.




User Research, Prototyping, and Manufacturing

Process included extensive user needs research, multiple prototyping iterations, engineering analysis, manufacturing testing, and final assembly. Each unit was machined and assembled by hand.


Product launch and marketing

With the goal of selling 80 units at the culminating sales gala, we designed a Facebook marketing campaign and built a website to process presales transactions. We created cash flow projections to ensure that our manufacturing process would be profitable.