Instructional design for ipad app: modeling populations with african lions

Designed an interactive activity for 7th-10th graders to explore lion populations, with a supplementary lesson plan and student assessment.  This was part of the Concord Consortium’s SmartGraphs multimedia initiative (SmartGraphs UX was pre-determined). Try it out here (also available on the iTunes app store).


Instructional Design for iPad App.png


Ecology and Populations: Students explore differences between exponential and logistic growth patterns, then make connections with limiting factors to determine carrying capacity.

Graph Literacy: Students investigate, make predictions, and extrapolate to real world examples. Interactive SmartGraphs software provides hints and guiding questions, and the activity is aligned to the Common Core standards. 

Real-World Data: Worked directly with Dr. Craig Packer, a world-renowned lion expert, to transform his real scientific data into an activity. Read more from Craig Packer in National Geographic.