Co-Founder of bellwether Rugs: direct-to-consumer handmade rugs

2014 - 2016

Redesigned the experience of purchasing a vintage, handmade rug with the launch of the online store Bellwether Rugs in April 2015. We manage the marketing, finance, and operations, and we are profitable. Exited via one of our suppliers:

Sara Remsen - redesigning the experience of purchasing an authentic rug.png

creating a new buying experience

My business partner and I started Bellwether Rugs to bring high-quality, handmade rugs to a wider audience at an affordable price. With e-commerce projected to increase 20% in 2015, we wanted to redesign the process of purchasing an authentic rug with a stellar online experience, educational narrative, and social responsibility.

  • PREVIOUSLY: High-quality rugs only available in showrooms or through decorators

  • SIMPLIFY: Limit choice to three curated collections to improve purchasing experience

  • EDUCATE: Narrative of authentic craftsmanship and cultural history empowers unfamiliar buyers

designing brand identity

  • Led branding exercise to define trustworthy and sophisticated tone

  • Selected fonts and colors to balance vintage and modern styles

  • Wrote copy in a friendly and approachable voice

  • Organized photography to showcase authentic, handmade products

  • Designed packaging for a complete customer experience

  • Initiated social responsibility through a partnership with Oxfam America

Bellwether Rugs Instagram.png

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Successfully exited Bellwether Rugs in 2017 by selling the brand to one of our suppliers. Our work included:

  • Reselling partnership with Pioneer Goods (September 2015)

  • Planned editorial photo shoot with Southern Wedding Magazine (May / June 2015)

  • Collaborating with Dixon Rye home goods (August 2015)

  • Reselling partnership with Waiting on Martha (May 2015)

  • Photoshoot with one of Atlanta’s top interior design photographers (April 2015)

  • Successful social media strategy on Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest (one Instagram post generated over 5k likes via repost by Design Sponge)

  • Successfully increased acquisition to 1,500+ unique visitors as of January 2016

  • Developed email marketing campaign with 71% open rate and 45% click rate